"And please quit the poses, too.”

I blame this entirely.

the children of hades/pluto 

art by viria


AU where Bianca di Angelo survives and Nico miraculously lives to old age and somehow everything is still tragic as hell


"They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy"


I like this ultimate killing machine!)

stiles + my favorite lines



It got better.

Yes, it really did.

Teen Wolf Birthday Master Post


Birthday Clarification courtesy of Teen Wolf:  The Hunt

Stiles’ Birthday isn’t November 27, dudes.  It’s April 8.

Scott’s is October 6

Allison’s is March 19 (6 days after my own)

Lydia’s is August 12

Jackson’s is June 15

Danny’s is February 29 (leap day, wtf writers?)

Erica’s is November 14.

Isaac’s is September 22.

Derek’s is unlisted so I have no idea where everyone’s getting where both he and Stiles were born on November 27.

You’re welcome.  Play the Hunt, seriously.

Edited to add:  According to Jeff Davis it’s still 2011 in the Teen Wolf universe.  So, though you may think the birthdays are not adding up, I assure you they are.

If Lydia’s birthday really was in August then season 3 would have taken place in 2012 because when Erica and Boyd went missing, Derek spent four months looking for them. Season 3 would have taken place either mid-December or in January. So I think they need to fix that and actually make an accurate birthday calender for all of the characters or someone needs to actually ask Jeff Davis.


Snowy Love Bite by *redbeard31


this film was a masterpiece